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DMOC Joint and Coalition Simulation Training with MetaVR Visuals

The US Air Force Distributed Mission Operations Center (USAF DMOC) at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, uses MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) for networked Distributed Mission Operations (DMO). DMOC serves as Air Combat Command's (ACC's) tactical to operational level synthetic battlespace hub for distributed combat training exercises, testing and experimentation.

The 705th Combat Training Squadron and 505th Command and Control Wing at the DMOC have used VRSG since 1997 in simulation training events they provide to prepare warfighters around the world for combat in joint and coalition environments. Such tactical training exercises include the quarterly Virtual Flag event, which provides joint and coalition military members the opportunity for a large-force exercise experience to help prepare them for real-world major combat operations.

MetaVR VRSG rendering of a JTAC character looking through a Vector-21 forward observer device.
Real-time MetaVR VRSG rendering of a JTAC team, where one character is looking through a Vector-21 forward observer device and the other at UAV video feed on a ROVER. The scene takes place on MetaVR's Kismayo, Somalia, virtual terrain. Models and animations are from MetaVR's 3D content libraries.

In April 2018, the 705th took delivery of the Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System (JTC TRS) at the DMOC. This system is an upgrade to the previous training system that also used VRSG, which was MetaVR and BSI’s JTAC desktop simulator, called the J-T/OSS v2.0 Desktop System.

In addition to using VRSG at the DMOC, the ACC's 705 Combat Training Squadron facilitates the purchase and installation of VRSG in training systems at other ACC sites. In 2013 and 2014, the 705 CTS purchased and facilitated the installation of a number of the J-T/OSS v2.0 Desktop Systems at several ACC sites throughout the US.


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