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Evaluation Policy

MetaVR Product Evaluation Policy

In many cases, MetaVR provides our software products for customer evaluation. Upon request, we will work with customers to determine their needs, explain the usage of our software, and match software features with the evaluation objections. Our evaluation policy is as follows:

  • We offer a standard two week evaluation period.
  • Customer agrees to complete our secure web order form and sign our software license and warranty agreement.
  • Customer supplies set of criteria for MetaVR system to meet and if met, customer agrees to purchase the software being evaluated.
  • The cost of shipping evaluation software to a customer is paid by MetaVR. The customer assumes any return shipment charges by supplying a Federal Express account number.
  • The customer will have access to technical support during the evaluation period at no charge.
  • The customer has the option to extend the evaluation period and supply MetaVR with technical feedback such that the customer requirements are met.

The evaluation package contains:

  • Software product license and dongle
  • Color printed user guide and installation guide
  • Logitech gamepad (with VRSG evaluation package)

MetaVR might add functionality to its core product to meet specific evaluation customer needs. MetaVR extends this service at its sole and absolute discretion, however, MetaVR has responded to requests of many of its customers. Adding customer-requested features to our products at no additional cost is a relatively unique offering in any segment of the software industry and a major part of MetaVR's business strategy. There is no charge for any and all enhancements. All right, title and interest, including copyright, in any features or enhancements that MetaVR develops free of charge at the request of a customer are owned by MetaVR.

MetaVR’s intent for adding customer-requested features to our products at no additional cost is that we consider our customers to be the best source of domain and subject matter expertise. Customers who initiate such requests often give extensive requirement input into the feature development, thus providing a service of great value to our product enhancements. Often, a customer-requested feature is benefit to a significant portion of our existing customer base or perceived prospective customers. We believe it is vital for the development of our products to obtain feature requirements directly from customers. MetaVR has many success stories related to this progressive approach to commercial product development; we can provide a number of references upon request.

All customer-requested features added to our products remain the sole property of MetaVR.

To request an evaluation, contact sales@metavr.com.

All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.

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