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MetaVR VRSG Real-time 3D Oceans

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On the Oceans tab of the VRSG Dashboard you specify various characteristics of the 3D ocean body and sea vessel motion on the ocean surface. You can make these changes before or after you start rendering the scene in VRSG; changes you make during a visualization session are reflected in the rendered scene immediately.

Select the Enable Oceans checkbox at the top of the Oceans tab to activate 3D ocean simulation. This option toggles rendering VRSG’s 3D ocean sea states and legacy 2D water. When this option is enabled, the other options on the tab become available.

MetaVR's 3D ocean simulation features realistic wave motion, multiple Beaufort sea states, vessel surface motion, 3D wakes, accurate environment reflections, and support for bathymetry data in MetaVR’s round-earth Metadesic terrain format for shoreline wave shape and opacity.

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