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About Your Dongle

About Your Dongle

About Your Dongle

In most cases your MetaVR VRSG and Terrain Tools software license will be authenticated by a USB dongle.  This device contains a small amount of read-only memory which is programmable by MetaVR staff to contain the details of your purchased license, including the period of performance of your active software maintenance and technical support.

It is important that you safeguard the USB dongle when not connected to a USB port on your computer.  Please see section 4. in our end user license agreement for more information.

Lost dongles

MetaVR does not replace lost software product dongles. If you lose a MetaVR dongle, you will need to purchase a replacement software license in order to continue to use the product. The replacement software license will be distributed with a new dongle.

Damaged and non-functioning dongles

MetaVR will replace USB dongles which become damaged in the course of normal usage or accidental destruction. The replacement requires the physical return of all of the components of the dongle. For assistance with a replacement, please contact MetaVR for Return Materials Authorization instructions.

Determining your dongle ID

In many instances, we will ask you to provide your dongle identification, which is a unique number associated with your software license. This dongle ID is typically a two digit number, such as 12345-67890. This dongle ID can be found on:

  • The distribution card delivered with your software media kit
  • The Blu-ray media case, if provided with your software media kit
  • The ABOUT Tab of the VRSG Dashboard or the MetaVR Terrain Tools entry in the Esri ArcMap Extensions list
  • The AUTHENTICATION dialog box (see the example below)

Determining your software expiration date

The expiration date of your software maintenance and technical support period is reported by the AUTHENTICATION dialog box. This expiration date will help you manage the versions of VRSG which the license can authenticate, as well as purchasing cycle for technical support.


All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.