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Tactical Simulators for Czech Armed Forces and Slovak Military Academy

Tactical Simulators for Czech Armed Forces and Slovak Military Academy


Instructor Operating Station (IOS) of VR Group's BMP-2 crew simulator. VRSG is running in the lower right screen.

Czech-based systems integrator VR Group uses 63 MetaVR VRSG licenses to provide visual systems in their Reconfigurable Tactical Virtual Simulators for various training programs, mostly for the Czech Armed Forces, mainly at the Centre of Simulation and Training (CSTT) in Brno and Vyskov.

As a leading supplier of advanced simulation solutions for the Czech Armed Forces, VR Group has used MetaVR VRSG since 2000 in their ground forces tactical simulators: Reconfigurable Virtual Simulators (RVS), Team Leader Simulator, and crew simulators of BMP-2 combat vehicles, among other programs.

Centre of Simulation and Training

MetaVR VRSG drives the visuals in several tactical training simulators at the Centre of Simulation and Training (CSTT), Brno, built by VR Group.

The CSTT has trained Czech military professionals as well as professionals in the military forces of Austria, Slovakia, and the US (Texas National Guard). Tens of thousands of military professionals, military schools students, and civilian universities students have trained at the state-of-the-art facility with the tools of constructive, virtual and live simulation and have practiced the skills for classic warfare and for missions in operations other than war.

BMP-2 crew simulator

Four of VR Group’s BMP-2 crew simulators were installed in 2010 at the CSTT’s OSTT Vyskov division. These full mission simulators, which sit on 6-DOF hydraulics motion platforms, are designed for basic and advanced training of drivers of BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles.

VR Group's BMP-2 crew simulator OIS.
Shooting range terrain database running on VR Group simulators using VRSG.
VR Group’s BMP-2 crew simulators with motion platforms.

The crew simulator enables operators to simulate emergency or breakdown situations that might occur during a battle or other circumstances, and can be used in tactical or specialized training as a part of a larger simulation unit in a distributed exercise. The simulator is equipped with an instructor's operating station for training preparation, observation, administration and evaluation.

The visual system of the crew simulator consists of 5 VRSG channels, displaying 15 high-resolution views to simulate all the observing and targeting devices of the BMP-2.

The simulator consists of a driver cockpit that has the same dimensions as a real driver cockpit, which is equipped with original instruments, a motion platform, and an advanced dynamical simulation system. This setup helps provide a driver training experience that is very close to real-life conditions.

Other training simulators

In addition to the BMP-2 crew simulators, VR Group uses VRSG in other training simulators for:

  • T-72 and T-72 M4CZ tanks designed for tactical training of tank units in a synthetic environment.
  • BMP1 and BMP2 configuration on RVS designed for tactical training of mechanized units in a synthetic environment.
  • A light artillery reconnaissance and observation vehicle based on BMP-2 hull designed for a tactical training of the crew in coordination with a mechanized unit or a battlegroup.
  • A dismounted infantry squad for a tactical training of mechanized units up to the company level in a synthetic environment. Team Leader Simulator squad consists of six simulated combatants controlled as whole squad, by groups or by individual combatants.
  • The Land Rover Defender 110 TDi Military Armoured 3 Special Operations Vehicle (SOV).
  • A Forward Air Controller (FAC) vehicle and equipment, which enables trainees to perform FAC tasks as measuring distance and azimuth of a target or another object a synthetic environment.
  • Mi-17, Mi-171 including a door gunner, and Mi-24 helicopters.


VR Group's Team Leader Simulator is designed to add simulated infantry (or civilian characters) to tactical vehicle simulators. The application can also be used for urban operations training simulation. Using MetaVR VRSG for its visuals, Team Leader Simulator has a game-like first person shooter interface with supporting AI-based characters that take their behavioral cues from the tactics of the operator.

The operation of the Team Leader Simulator is a combination of manual, semiautomatic and automatic controls which enable quick responses from simulated team members in various situations in simulated team mode. One can also run a simulation of one individual in a distributed synthetic environment directly controlled by an individual trainee.

Team Leader Simulators are modular systems that consist of a rack-mounted simulation host, image generation units, and the combat stations of trainees.

Simple combat stations are equipped with a joystick controller and keypad. A monitor displays a 3-D view of the battlefield and required status information. MetaVR VRSG visual system is used to generate the real-time view of the synthetic environment. Communication is achieved through a simulated radio network.

Team Leader Simulators can be used for training tactical decision making skills, procedures training, coordination and communication, and command and control skills.

A trainee interacting in a scenario in a combat station of VR Group's Team Leader Simulator.
VR Group's Team Leader Simulator.


Since 2010, the Military Academy in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, has been using 10 of VR Group's Reconfigurable Virtual Simulators (RVS) for crisis management training. MetaVR VRSG generates the visuals in these simulators.

The simulators contain configurations for simulating a police car, bus, ambulance, and MI-17 transport helicopter.

Slovak simulation center at the Military Academy in Liptovsky, Mikulas, Slovakia, with MetaVR visuals in simulators from VR Group for crisis management training.


VR Group Company is a Czech Republic-based developer, producer, and supplier of complex training & simulation solutions for the Czech Armed Forces and security departments. The primary focus of the company is to meet the training needs of the Czech Armed Forces. VR Group provides simulation solutions that center on system integration for:

  • Military commanders and officers staff preparation
  • Small units and combat vehicles commanders preparation for the purpose of command and combat control
  • Individual training in combat techniques handling and maintenance

VR Group has also developed a civilian emergency response management solution, which also uses VRSG.

Systems integration also includes developing and modifying necessary simulation applications, and providing tools and components.

All of VR Group's simulators use their Reconfigurable Simulator Technology (RST), running on Microsoft .NET Framework. RST, combined with MetaVR VRSG and VR Group's detailed maps and models, provides a realistic simulation experience.

Images on this page courtesy of VR Group.