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VR Tracker Support

VR Tracker Support


Soldier on the Omnifinity Omnideck motion platform, wearing the Oculus Rift HMD. VRSG provides the 3D visuals in the Oculus Rift.

MetaVR VRSG supports 3 or 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) position tracking technology. This capability totally immerses users in a simulated world with either a handheld visual device or a head-mounted display (HMD). VRSG's tracker support is integrated directly with the display mechanism such that latency is minimized during rapid movements by the user.

Tracker use with VRSG can range from simulated military devices for target locating and laser designating used by JTACs to virtual reality and mixed reality headsets.

Commercial tracking systems that VRSG currently supports include:


For fielding in simulation training facilities, VRSG works with simulated military equipment used by forward air controllers (FACs) or JTACs, to illuminate targets for aircraft and artillery strikes. These simulated devices have a tracker embedded in the hardware.

The images to the right and below show a single-channel VRSG integrated with a piece of simulated military equipment with a 3DOF tracker located within the housing.

Simulated military equipment with tracker embedded within the hardware.

MetaVR VRSG supports notional devices that use the InterSense InertiaCube4 tracker such as the NVIS Ranger 47 hand-held binocular, which is designed for training and simulation applications. This notional emulated device features dual SXGA OLED microdisplays with focus-adjustable eyepieces displaying a 47 degree diagonal field-of-view (36H x 28V). Stereopsis is supported via two independent video inputs. An external mounting plate accommodates an InertiaCube4 tracker. The Ranger 47 provides 4 programmable USB joystick compatible buttons, plus a z-axis scroll wheel, all of which are interoperable with VRSG to provide laser range and emission of the designator PDU, and thermal views.

MetaVR's technology can scale to be portable with notebook computers and low profile head-mounted displays. MetaVR can scale (up or down) the components to meet your individual price and performance needs. Any immersive display device supporting VGA, S-Video, or NTSC can be integrated with VRSG.

Tracking system support is part of  VRSG. You can request a quote for VRSG directly from MetaVR by filling out the quote request form.