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What's New in Terrain Tools Version 1.5

What's New in Terrain Tools Version 1.5

What's New in Terrain Tools

MetaVR Terrain Tools for Esri® ArcGIS® version 1.5 contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • New polygon feature type for projecting a 2D runway model and cutting into the terrain.
  • New polygon feature type for incorporating an external 3D terrain model by cutting out an area of terrain and replacing it with the model geometry during terrain compilation. With this seamless integration, an external terrain model is treated like native terrain for both rendering and mission functions.
  • Support for compiling large areas of instanced point features, such as trees, into the terrain.

All the advancements in the latest ArcGIS for Desktop version 10.8 are supported in MetaVR Terrain Tools.


MetaVR Terrain Tools' previous release, version 1.4, contained the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support for compiling terrain in a native 64-bit executable.
  • Support for building underwater geometry (bathymetry) to increase the terrain fidelity of the ocean floor for use in littoral scenarios with VRSG's 3D ocean sea states.
  • Forest tool, which provides a quick and efficient way to distribute thousands of randomized and scaled tree points within a polygon.
  • Blending of adjacent microtexture features.
  • Faster feature processing, including large complex linear networks.
  • Smooth transition between cut-in features and the terrain.
  • New sample source data (of Baltimore, MD) for the sample project used in the tutorial in the MetaVR Terrain Tools for Esri ArcGIS User's Guide.

How to obtain Terrain Tools

Current MetaVR Terrain Tools customers on active maintenance can obtain the latest release of Terrain Tools (version 1.5) by downloading the version 1.5 software from their account on MetaVR's Download Server. Contact MetaVR for further information or if you need the release provided on a Blu-ray disc.

MetaVR is a member of the Esri Partner Network.

You can request a quote for MetaVR Terrain Tools for ArcGIS directly from MetaVR by consulting the Price List and then filling out the quote request form.