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3D Terrain Regions

3D Terrain Regions


MetaVR has built 3D terrain covering most regions of the world in its round-earth geocentric Metadesic format for rendering in VRSG. These 3D terrain datasets were built with MetaVR’s Terrain Tools for Esri® ArcGIS®.


All terrain datasets contain high-resolution insets of many areas of interest (AOI). You can add culture assets from MetaVR’s extensive model libraries, your own models, or models extruded and textured with Esri CityEngine® using MetaVR’s VRSG Scenario Editor.

MetaVR's 3D terrain is "Additional Materials" and is provided "as is" as described in our license agreement.  Although MetaVR might modify or enhance the original source imagery, some visual artifacts from the source imagery might remain in the terrain tiles.

MetaVR's 3D terrain datasets in Metadesic (MDS) format are available for purchase to MetaVR customers who are on active VRSG 6 software maintenance and are US Government or NATO agencies or contractors (for official use only). The terrain datasets are provided in MetaVR's round-earth terrain format and will only run with a valid VRSG version 6 software license with valid software maintenance.

How to Obtain 3D Terrain Region Datasets

The 3D terrain region datasets are each delivered on an external hard drive. To order a region of world terrain, specify the line item on the order form and then provide the name of the region. Region terrain datasets are distributed on portable, external 4 TB drives.

The entirety of world 3D terrain can be obtained by purchasing:

  • All world region terrain drives plus all regions of CONUS++ terrain
  • All world terrain (including CONUS++) delivered on a direct-attached, large-volume (DALV) storage device compatible with laptop/notebook and desktop computer configurations requiring USB 3.1.

A fee covers processing large quantities of data into Metadesic round-earth format and hard drive distribution media.

You can request a quote for 3D terrain directly from MetaVR by consulting the Price List and then filling out the quote request form.