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This VRSG video demonstrates the ability, in the forthcoming release of VRSG version 6.4, to animate individual fingers using 16 bone hand models. These hand models are used with our character models to simulate the gestures of non-verbal commands and communication, such as tactical combat hand signals. BVH animations for the skinned hand models were created using Autodesk Motion Builder animation software.

In this real-time VRSG recording taken in an HTC-VIVE Pro headset, the pilot demonstrates two airborne hand signals from the Naval Aviation Flight Training Instruction manual. (A hand signal diagram from the manual is shown at the start of the video). 

The pilot indicates the HEFOE (Hydraulic System, Electrical system, Fuel system, Oxygen system, Engine) signal for fuel system trouble and then the hand signal showing how much fuel the plane is currently carrying.

The scenario was built in MetaVR's VRSG Scenario Editor.

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